Im small czech artist,
I do weird cartoony stuff
I do hentai
And im sorry for mess here, the timing is trully off, im trying to unity my stuff online to be somehow same between sites


Czech republic

Czech republic

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Royhaynner's News

Posted by Royhaynner - October 7th, 2022

Wow been a long while since i was around, I abandoned everything for warebeast project- but the person I was doing it with kinda decided "fuck you" and deleted all the websites, and blocked me everywhere possible...

Took me time to get over it...

well then

A lot of technical stuff happened...

My pc died, then my tablet died and i replaced it to learn with it and have my pc fully die...

now everything is working again and its just kinda messed up

  • Tablet has a new driver, sai2 has a new version and my tablet is different so I don't know what part of my workplace has the wrong settings
  • Everything I had in progress is on backup files so I don't have my finished pictures or my sketches and its honestly scary to think about the mess that's all the offline pictures and sketches of like last 6 years -combined with new stuff I have no clue what to post, what abandon and how to deal with all this mess

I have only one task for rest of this year, get my shit together and start some kind of posting

Posted by Royhaynner - August 19th, 2021

Jorge- almost my real name

Ro4le - my nickname on deviant for few years

Royhaynner - my adult nickname for NSFW stuff

WAREBEAST - name of project i collaborated with queen zelda(might post some of that too

Just to keep the confusion in bay, Im posting lot of older stuff from last years so theres bit of mess im hoping to get over soon